Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tengo que explicar que el símbolo que lleva mi blog es de la banda francesa Magma, soy un gran seguidor, no me he dedicado a este espacio pero pienso hacerlo pronto, voy a pasar mis escrituras en algún momento,  y compartir mis experiencias a lo largo de mi vida, saludos desde este espacio de mi cerebro, Hamtaï

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Second Semester

Today was the second class of the final semester of our carrers, we plan the schedule of the presentations of micro teaching that we are going to do this semester, Mister Litman gave us advices and topics that maybe catch our interest, I am not decided yet but I hope my decision would be interesting and helpful to everybody, next week I will have the topic decided, or maybe something done to ask for opinions.
I have to have good grades this semester so, I will do my best, regards everybody

Friday, June 26, 2009


This section is the most helpful of all the subjects, with this, we can note and know the problems that we have at the moment of making a class and at the same time we can learn about the investigation of the students in class, after that, the critics are fundamental, in two ways, to learn how to make the critics, and how to accept them, the profesor always with his neutral and objective comments show us our weaknesses and strenghts.
I like to make my comments, and I did not make my presentation yet, but soon, I will get critics from my classmates and teacher, I hope they will show a little compassion.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shakespeare in Love

This is a very romantic movie that is ambiented on the year 1590, when Shakespeare was young and making his beatiful stories, is a fiction of William falling in love with Viola Lesseps, a girl from his town.
The main Characters are playing by Joseph Fiennes, Gwyneth Paltrow and Geoffrey Rush.
The story is very fun and it began with Phillip Henslow, a man from this town, trying to pay a debt by making a comedy for the Queen, but after William get the role of Romeo, the course of this story change , Viola, as a woman, was prohibited to be part in a play, so, she disguise like a men to act, the comedy was changing to ended like the saddest story ever told.
The vocabulary used is ambiented in this times, but Shakespeare is very complex in his way to express, a ver poetic way to talk and wonder.
I like the movie, even thou I think that is a girl movie because of the romantisism involved.


Here we can find a very good movie based on a true story about a man with roots in India that try to change the stablish costums and to abolish being colony as Indians.
Ben Kingsley play one of the best roles in his carrer characterising Gandhi.
After study to be a lawyer in England, Mahatma Gandhi (1901), goes back to India and try to work as an attorney, but he could not find much work, after the second world war broke out(1939), he made a lot to keep his country without interfeer an wit a politic of "no violence", he had a lot of folowers, and detractors between him, but many people thought that he was right to be a peaceful man trying to bring hapiness for humanity
The language spoken in the is English with indian accent, and they use a very good game of words, well, Gandhi always called the book of his religion, with memorable sentences like: ""An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind", or "There are many causes that I am prepared to die for but no causes that I am prepared to kill for".
It is a long movie, but a very interesting to know a lot of one of the most influential man of the 20th century.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Clockwork Orange

I like to watch movies, I hope you like my comments.
Kubrik is a very special director, I have seen many pictures of him but this one is the most controversial, the way he show the violence and the generation of a future, he describes the world, or part of it, in the year 2001, he believe that in this era, teenagers will be wild and violent, there are thieves and kidnappings, even rapes, at the time the movie was projected in cinemas, the people in general was not ready for this images and situations, but it was a record of sales anyway.
The movie is about four friends that hang out in their neighborhood, in some bar they drink milk with some drug, they speak with a lot of slang and a vocabulary invented by them, they do a lot of vandalism and as buglars, broke into houses, and robbing everything they find and raping the house wife, later the protagonis named Alex interpreted by Malcom Mac Dowell, gets cought and goes to prison, there, he is a volunteer for a new program that is called the "Ludovico Technique", this consist in showing some of the most violent scenes in a cinema, with a structure that grabs the eyelashes to keep the eyes open, with some drugs, with the porpouse of create a negative reaction to this images, later he will grow a sick feeling about violence and bad behaviours.
Is a very good movie and shows a lot about a dark side of human behaviours.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

April Post

I've been doing many things this month, and I only assist on two clases, but I'm trying to not miss more clases, I like very much to go, they are productive and educative, i'm sorry that I don't have many time to write in my blog, but now I'm going to do some time to add things in the week.